RISD Industrial Design 2015-2016​​​​​​​
While last year was more focused on technical training, this year I'm spending more time exploring specific interests and skills. There's many things to still learn.
RISD Industrial Design 2014-2015

Sophomore year was something definitely new for me and what a busy semester it had been! I spent my time trying to understanding the language of wood and metal, drawing and sketching new concepts, and learning how to prototype quickly. Here are some sketchbook pages that show my process:
Summer 2014
I spent this summer in Taiwan to see relatives and enjoy some new sites and museums. The boisterous family, the delicious food, the beautiful scenery... I wonder when I can go back again? 
update: embedding not working but issuu link here!
RISD Foundations 2013-2014
Oh the joy of Foundation freshman year! This was a packed year of experiments, with projects ranging from stop motion animations to vegetable pillows...from kinetic sculptures to huge gouache paintings of tessellations...from conceptual ideas of time and space to book binding. This was probably the most challenging and fun year of my life.
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