Ping Pong Ball Drawing Machine
A drawing machine that uses pingpong balls as a canvas. Created with Arduino and Processing.
Demo below! Longer demo here.
Dog Container
A 3D printed connection that tests the flexibility of PLA.
intial ideas below 
you can print your own here on thingiverse!
Partner Forms
An independent study of drawings, shapes, and formal relationships. Under the mentorship of Elizabeth Knight.
geometric series: the bickering siblings
organic series: the discovery
Meet Kelly
The more you push, the more she claps for you. Blue backdrop credits to Nic Der.
 (left) Fiddling around with foamcore for a working mechanism (right) Pre-cut tolerance tests for the wooden boards and dowels
My initial model (3 rows x 3 clappers) appeared clunky so I revised the form (1 row x 7 clappers)
I have trouble getting up in the morning
A humorous plaything inspired by my own inability to wake up in the morning.
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